There has never been a ban on the medical use of MDMA and psilocybin, but all patents expired before pharmaceutical companies could get marketing permissions for these drugs. 

EmmaSofia is a voice for integrating MDMA and psychedelics as treatment options into Norway's healthcare system.

Steinar Madsen, at the Drug Agency of Norway, states it is not illegal using these drugs for medical treatment.
— Aftenposten, Medisinsk Sopptur, 21. November 2015.


EmmaSofia Clinic accepts patients. We can not offer treatments with MDMA and psychedelics now, but we can offer our knowledge on these themes. See the clinic's website for online bookings.

My judgement is that the bigger picture emerging from research, shows psychedelics are effective, and have the potential to help people suffering from disorders we otherwise lack effective treatments for.
— Dr. Matthew Johnson, førsteamanuensis ved Johns Hopkins Medicine, Aftenposten, 21. November 2015.


It is legal to produce MDMA and psychedelics in Norway given all necessary permissions are granted for production and storage.

Licensed producers can make drugs listed on the list of illegal drugs in Norway. This also accounts for MDMA and psychedelics. Such drugs are legal for medical treatment and research according to the Law on Medicines § 23.
— Ketil Lund (tidligere høyesterettsdommer) og Hans Fredrik Marthinussen (professor ved Juridisk Fakultet, UIB) / juridiske rådgivere for EmmaSofia.

EmmaSofia has a deal with a pharmaceutical company on production of MDMA and psilocybin for treatment, research and other legal purposes.